About the Project

Eric Overlock Memorial Park will become Overlock Park - An inclusive park with a concrete skate park, surrounded by green-space that welcomes in the whole community.

 The existing wooden skate park, located at 29 Washington St in Belfast Maine, will be the home of the new concrete park.

Preliminary design for Overlock Park

Preliminary design for Overlock Park

Our Vision

Overlock Park will be an open and welcoming space, where the community can come together and enjoy a beautiful view of the bay, while skaters, bikers and scooter riders enjoy a state-of-the-art concrete skate park. As the City of Belfast adds new walking paths, Overlock Park will enjoy being a central resting place, where everyone may gather.

What We've Achieved

  • The City of Belfast has earmarked some funding for the project

  • In 2017, City Council approved the redevelopment in the current location of the Eric Overlock Skate Park

  • Discovery and initial designs for the skate park have been drawn up

  • Efforts to keep the current skate park skate-able while fundraising is done for the redevelopment are in place